I just got a request from someone who wants to CNC a front panel for his Muffsy MC Head Amp, and he wanted to use the logo and the font that are on the printed circuit boards.


The font used on the PCB is the built-in vector font in Eagle, which is proprietary. The Eagle font is ...

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It's become evident that I need a better solution for photographing my projects. So I went out and bought some surprisingly cheap LED panels:

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Ryan has built the Muffsy Phono Preamp, and wrote about it on his blog. Thanks for the great review Ryan!

He offers up some beautiful pictures of his build, and writes about the whole building experience.

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Yngve from Norway has built a total of five Muffsy Phono Preamps by now, but this has to be his coolest project ever. When he bought a Dual 1225, he decided to give it an integrated phono stage, using the Muffsy.

The Dual 1225 was opened, the drill was brought out, and the Muffsy placement was decide...

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Ivo, who created the SMD version of the Muffsy Phono Preamp, has sent me a lot of nice pictures and a description of his project.

Here's what Ivo says about his project:

I wanted to build a compact turntable preamp with some adjusting capabilities such as gain, impedance and input  capacitance . So I ...

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