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Selecting Enclosure and AC Adapter

There are two things that you need to build a complete phono stage that are not included in the Muffsy kits:

  • Enclosure
  • AC Wall Adapter

Here's why they're not included, some examples, and places where you can get them.


As this is a Do It Yourself kit, the choice of enclosure is entirely yours.

To make things a bit more simple, the Muffsy Phono Preamp and Power Supply are designed to fit into a B0905 aluminum enclosure. The printed circuit boards slide into the grooves of this cabinet, so you don't have to do any drilling or other modifications to the enclosure.

The Muffsy Back Panel is also designed for this cabinet. It comes complete with RCA connectors, power connector, power switch, cabling and it even includes the screws. This makes it even easier to reach your goal, and you still won't have to break out the drill.

The B0905 cabinet is of really good quality, and can be had for around US$ 15 on eBay. Use the search words "0905 aluminum" to find it on eBay, like this:

eBay listings for the B0905 enclosure

The possibilities are endless though. You can use whatever enclosure you'd like for the Muffsy, as there are M3 mounting holes in all four corners on both the preamp and the power supply. Here's someone who built the Muffsy into a Dual 1225 turntable!

AC Power Adapter

The wall adapter is not included with the power supply kit, and I'll give a few reasons for this.

The most important one is that I'm not in the business of selling AC adapters. There are too many different power sockets and voltages around to make it practical for me to stock and sell them. That alone would bring the price up to something that's not beneficial to you. The weight of these adapters - they are small transformers - would make the shipping costs too high as well. Besides, there's no way I could handle returns on other than my own products.

Although an AC adapter can be a bit difficult to find, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Here is a list of adapters that I have compiled. If you find another source, feel free to tell me and I will include it here.

120V Input:

230V Input:

Vendors with all input voltages: