To see if the Burson V6 operational amplifiers are viable in the Muffsy Phono Preamp, I went ahead and bought the dual version of both the V6 Classic and V6 Vivid (*). They don't come cheap, about 20x the price of an OPA2134. Getting two of these instead of 40 OPAs for my kit stock was qui...

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Measurements on their own are no good unless they can be seen in relation to something. Having established the measurements baseline, I want to get an idea on how the preferred OPA2134 performs.

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I've been asked about how the Burson V6 discrete operational amplifiers would perform in the Muffsy Phono Preamp quite a few times. They don't seem to have many published measurements, so I thought I'd give it a go.

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I've been getting my new hobby room ready, and I knew I needed some kind of stereo system in there. Preferably one that didn't annoy others in the house, so I ended up ordering PCBs from Nwavguy's gerber files. Yup, I'm gonna use headphones. :)

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YouTube user Blake G has posted a couple of vinyl-rips using the Muffsy Phono Preamp onto the video site. Although YouTube probably alters the bitrate, you can still get an idea on how the Muffsy Phono Preamp performs in his setup. His setup, btw, is:

    • Turntable: Sony PS-X500
    • Cartridge: Empire 999ve...
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