It's become evident that I need a better solution for photographing my projects. So I went out and bought some surprisingly cheap LED panels:

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While I've been sharing a lot of my work on, I've never really clarified how my view is on people using my work (or derivates of it). This is now changing.

I've decided to release all of my content (barring a few exceptions) under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license...

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I'd really like a stereo input selector with relays, but those things are hard to find! (Apart from some of dubious quality on the *Bay)

Better make my own then. This one's got a custom footprint for an ESP32 devkit module, but it can also be controlled with a rotary switch.

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Check out this post for test setup and limitations.

ITU-R IMD is one way to measure intermodulation distortion. I am feeding the circuit with two test tones at -6 dBV, which will sum to 0 dBV. The test tones at 19 kHz and 20 kHz will produce a modulated signal at 1 kHz. The difference between the te...

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Following up on the THD measurement of the Burson V6 Classic (which also shows the test setup and limitations), here's its frequency response.

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