While there are lots of quality kits for preamplifiers, I have never really found a decent way of adding more inputs to a preamp. The existing ones are either of dubious quality, spec'ed like a spaceship, or both.

So I decided to make my own input selector. With relays. And an ESP-32 module! A year,...

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This project is freely available, and you can have the boards produced yourself. That's not for everyone though, so I've decided to sell the PCBs for the BSTRD on Tindie.

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About 10% of the customers have found it worthwhile to review the Muffsy products on Tindie

It's always very interesting to hear what people think, and it is especially rewarding when they are happy.

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The Muffsy Phono Preamp is made to fit perfectly into a B0905 enclosure without any need for drilling or other modificatons. The back panel has to be made manually though, and here is the solution!

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