Several people have been in touch lately with questions on how to modify the PCB into something it isn't right now. Popular requests are balanced inputs and/or balanced outputs, and DC servo on the outputs.

16.10.18 03:08 PM - Comment(s)

The instructions give you three alternatives for powering the Muffsy Phono Kits. Here's another one:

This step-down power module is available on Tindie, and can provide up to two amperes of power. Use two of them and connect a 15V DC power supply at VIN/GND as shown in the picture above, and you will...

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Hot on the heals of the official Muffsy PCB, here comes another option.

Over at theslowdiyer's blog, you can now find the project files for the Muffsy Clone.

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Yngve from Norway has built a total of five Muffsy Phono Preamps by now, but this has to be his coolest project ever. When he bought a Dual 1225, he decided to give it an integrated phono stage, using the Muffsy.

The Dual 1225 was opened, the drill was brought out, and the Muffsy placement was decide...

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In Copenhagen, just across The Bridge from me, lives slowdiyer. He has designed the Muffsy Clone, his own version of the Muffsy that suits his needs exactly.

It is a mono version with single instead of dual op amps, which lets you use op amps like LME49710, LT1063, LT1028, AD797, OPA627 and more.  B...

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