While there are lots of quality kits for preamplifiers, I have never really found a decent way of adding more inputs to a preamp. The existing ones are either of dubious quality, spec'ed like a spaceship, or both.

So I decided to make my own input selector. With relays. And an ESP-32 module! A year,...

02.05.19 10:18 AM - Comment(s)

The silvery screws for the Muffsy Back Panel have annoyed me for quite a while, but it has been surprisingly difficult to find ones that are better.

The screws that come with the B0905 enclosure are countersunk, so they won't fit the back panel very nicely. The silver button head screws that I've bee...

13.02.16 07:54 PM - Comment(s)

Not having a good thumb nut for the ground screw on the back panel, and the fact that the screws that come with the B0905 cabinet don't really fit has annoyed me a bit.

That's why the Muffsy Back Panel now comes with a brass thumb nut and four mounting screws.

The Muffsy Back Panel is available  on Ti...

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