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By: skrodahl | May 03, 2016

Ryan has built the Muffsy Phono Preamp, and wrote about it on his blog. Thanks for the great review Ryan!

He offers up some beautiful pictures of his build, and writes about the whole building experience.

Ryan was one of the few who received power supply capacitors that were too big for the board. That problem was solved, but it's a sub-par experience for those who got them nonetheless.

He also notes, like many others, that it can be difficult to insert the cables into the screw terminals. This is a side effect of making everything fit on the small board. You'll find suggestions on how to make this easier in the build instructions if you're worried about this.

Ryan decided to make his own back panel, and the final result is excellent.

By: skrodahl | February 13, 2016

The silvery screws for the Muffsy Back Panel have annoyed me for quite a while, but it has been surprisingly difficult to find ones that are better.

The screws that come with the B0905 enclosure are countersunk, so they won't fit the back panel very nicely. The silver button head screws that I've been shipping from the start are okay, but a little too big for my taste. They also look a little bit out of place against the black back panel.

Here's what I've finally been able to source, and they will of course be shipped with all new orders:

Black Back Panel Screws

These black button head screws are just a tad smaller, and they make for a much better look of the back panel.

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By: skrodahl | December 11, 2015

Not having a good thumb nut for the ground screw on the back panel, and the fact that the screws that come with the B0905 cabinet don't really fit has annoyed me a bit.

That's why the Muffsy Back Panel now comes with a brass thumb nut and four mounting screws.

The Muffsy Back Panel is available  on Tindie.

Brass Thumb Screws
The updated Muffsy Back Panel Kit
Completed Back Panel

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By: skrodahl | October 16, 2015

The Muffsy Phono Preamp is made to fit perfectly into a B0905 enclosure without any need for drilling or other modificatons. The back panel has to be made manually though, and here is the solution!

It's a back panel that also fits the B0905 cabinet, and it has everything you need:

  • Four gold plated RCA chassis connectors with insulation
  • Power button
  • Power jack
  • Ground screw

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