Check out this post for test setup and limitations.

ITU-R IMD is one way to measure intermodulation distortion. I am feeding the circuit with two test tones at -6 dBV, which will sum to 0 dBV. The test tones at 19 kHz and 20 kHz will produce a modulated signal at 1 kHz. The difference between the te...

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Following up on the THD measurement of the Burson V6 Classic (which also shows the test setup and limitations), here's its frequency response.

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To see if the Burson V6 operational amplifiers are viable in the Muffsy Phono Preamp, I went ahead and bought the dual version of both the V6 Classic and V6 Vivid (*). They don't come cheap, about 20x the price of an OPA2134. Getting two of these instead of 40 OPAs for my kit stock was qui...

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Measurements on their own are no good unless they can be seen in relation to something. Having established the measurements baseline, I want to get an idea on how the preferred OPA2134 performs.

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I've been asked about how the Burson V6 discrete operational amplifiers would perform in the Muffsy Phono Preamp quite a few times. They don't seem to have many published measurements, so I thought I'd give it a go.

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