Make Your Own Muffsy PCBs

10.03.16 12:20 PM By skrodahl

We've seen some revisions of the Muffsy Phono Preamp, from green to red,  through blue and finally the black PP-3. Now get ready for a new one, only this time you can't buy it from here.

The question of a more generic circuit board that will accept other components than the ones included in the kit pops up now and then. Although there is nothing stopping you from designing a circuit board from the schematics, that might not always be a viable alternative.

As the Muffsy is based on the Audiokarma CNC phono stage, this is my way of giving something back. You will find a PDF for etching your own board and Gerbers for ordering it further down.

MYOM - Make Your Own Muffsy


Update - 2019-04-05:

This design is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

This design is released by for personal, non-profit use only.

Group buys, where the aim is to cover the cost of producing and shipping the boards are generally okay. Feel free to send me a note if that is the case and I will even cover it here on the blog. I would also love to cover your ongoing or finished project.

I do not take on any responsibilities for anything other than distributing the PCB design files. Anything that happens after downloading these files, like during etching, ordering or assembling the PCB is entirely your own responsibility.

A bill of materials will not be presented, as the whole purpose of this board is to let you choose your own components.

Here's some information about the board:

  • The board is single layer (bottom) with ground fill
  • There's space for larger capacitors (RIAA: 5/10 mm, Output: 10/15 mm pin spacing)
  • There's space for wider resistors
  • The width is 84 mm, it will still fit in a B0905 cabinet
  • It has the standard Muffsy values for input impedance and RIAA equalization, all within the E24-series
  • It has variable gain
  • There's space for input capacitors
  • Input, output and power in has 5 mm pin spacing for terminal blocks
  • The Gerbers are in 274X-format, view them in Gerbv to see how the PCB will look like
    • Order as two layers to get through-hole, and solder mask on both sides
    • There is very little copper that needs to be etched away if you're etching yourself
  • The PDFs have the bottom (copper) layer and the top (silk screen) layer, paper size is A4
  • The bottom copper layer is oriented so that it can be toner transferred directly to the PCB

Silkscreen view of the MYOM

Here are the links to the MYOM (Make Your Own Muffsy):

Here's a picture of the PCB routing. Only the white areas will be etched away, if you're etching your own boards

MYOM - PCB Routing