Hifi Preamps for your Record Player

By: skrodahl | March 11, 2016

Hot on the heals of the official Muffsy PCB, here comes another option.

Over at theslowdiyer's blog, you can now find the project files for the Muffsy Clone.

The Muffsy Clone PCB

Everything you need to build your own Muffsy Clone is available at his site. There's an impressive lot of information about his design goals and on how you should go about building the project.

Go here to see all of it, and build your own Muffsy Clone: 

Theslowdiyer - Muffsy Clone Project Files

If you are looking for a suitable power supply, theslowdiyer's got you covered as well with his GP-PSU v2.

theslowdiyer's GP-PSU v2 - Silkscreen

By: skrodahl | January 26, 2016

In Copenhagen, just across The Bridge from me, lives slowdiyer. He has designed the Muffsy Clone, his own version of the Muffsy that suits his needs exactly.

It is a mono version with single instead of dual op amps, which lets you use op amps like LME49710, LT1063, LT1028, AD797, OPA627 and more.  Being mono, you can use two power supplies and run it as dual mono if you'd like.

It does away with the variable input impedance, retains the variable gain and adds a mute circuit. The Muffsy Clone has space for a really large output capacitor as you can see in the picture below.

The form factor is 100x37 mm, compared to Muffsy's 84x56 mm. The boards are designed to be stackable.

The Muffsy Clone

There are a lot of other considerations that he's taken care of, all of which are described here. The same blog post also includes all of the project files, enabling you to make one for yourself.

Muffsy Clone in Enclosure

I'm anxiously awaiting his listening experience, as he's yet to finish the power supply to fire it up.