Hifi Preamps for your Record Player

By: skrodahl | January 27, 2016

Yngve from Norway has built a total of five Muffsy Phono Preamps by now, but this has to be his coolest project ever. When he bought a Dual 1225, he decided to give it an integrated phono stage, using the Muffsy.

Muffsy compared to the Dual 1225

The Dual 1225 was opened, the drill was brought out, and the Muffsy placement was decided.

Muffsy mounted inside the plinth

Next is the cabling, Ynge decided to connect the tone arm cables directly to the Muffsy input.

Cabling in progress
Tone arm cables

There was even space for a power supply and a transformer inside the Dual 1225.

Yngve reports that he's very happy with his upgraded Dual. There is absolutely no noise or any distortions, so he has succeeded with his well thought out layout.

Power supply mounted inside the Dual 1225

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